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  • Eastern Marketing Insights is an innovative company focused on customer needs which provides marketing research and complementary services. A medium company: big enough to run complex studies nationally and internationally; small enough so that your report research could be worked by senior experts.


  • Our goal is simple: to be our customers' favourite pertners in our expertise areas. We want our customers to be proud and excited to work with us; and we want every expert of our team to be proud and excited to offer our customers better,faster and cheaper services.

That is what we do ...

Certainty in a complex market

Solution: market research. We make decisions as a second step.

We deliver insights to understand: people, markets, products and brands.

We analyze all aspects so that everything could be clear and customers could achieve their goals.



Solution: alternative type of training

The need for education does not end with faculty. Managers and the contact personnel from various companies feel the need to improve their skills and even add new ones. Time is a scarce, so school or reading are no longer a solution. At this point  we offer solutions.


Local and regional development or Marketing in the public sector

The solution: an efficient public administration; local development and grounded public policy.


International development

Solution: expanding into new markets: Eastern European markets


Financial solutions

Solution: grants


We help our customers see their consumers with their new eyes, see their competitors more clearly and objectively themselves.


We adapt our approach to fit the unique needs of our customers.

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