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Election campaigns are a fundamental topic of interest in the agenda of any political party or any politician. Therefore, the electoral area is extremely complex and involves multiple human and financial resources.

  • Politics depends on the results of the election campaigns. We offer full services, including:
    • The candidates and political parties’ profile analysis;
    • The voter’s profile analysis;
    • Voting intentions;
    • Electoral strategies;
    • The development of promotional materials.
  • Industrial products include a wide and diversified range of goods. They are divided into two categories:
    • The heavy industry, which deals with the fabrication of means of production;
    • The light industry, which deals with the production of mass consumption goods.


  • Over the years we realized:
    • Market research and development strategies in the following areas: of sealing products, stainless steel boilers, civil engineering, road construction, manufacture of concrete and aggregates, terracotta tiles, faience, thermal treatment technology;
    • Training programs in the following areas: distribution of equipment for the metalworking industry, distribution of professional equipment and tools, timber industry, clothing industry, auto parts industry, rolling stock industry.
  • How do Europeans spend their leisure time?
  • What activities pose the greatest interest?
  • What are their favorite locations?

The answer to these questions is important as it gives us an overview of the consumer’s behavior during the leisure time. If we identify the citizens’ concerns, we can formulate various strategies to promote leisure activities.

  •  We can offer:
    • Market research on the manners of spending the leisure time;
    • Strategies for promoting locations where you can spend your leisure time: shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, amusement parks, recreational areas, swimming pools, etc.;
    • Analyses of the citizens’ satisfaction regarding the available places for spending your leisure time.
  • IT annually produces 4 billion euro in Romania. At the moment it is the largest employer and the area with the highest growth rate. Therefore, we are interested to identify IT development directions and the new trends in this area.


  • We offer:
    • Price optimization strategies for IT products;
    • Promotion services for IT products;
    • Competition studies;
    • Market research on various brands of IT products and services;
    • Services for developing business plans in this area.

Clothing, footwear, accessories - all these elements make up the fashion industry. In fashion every element has its own significance and every detail matters. Therefore, what is the general trend in customer behavior? What criteria do they follow when they buy fashion products? What is the average budget for fashion investments? Are buyers loyal to a particular brand of products? These are some of the questions around which we are building our work in order to identify the emergence of the fashion industry.

  • Responding to the questions mentioned above, we provide you with the following services:
    • Customer behavior research;
    • Product/brand analysis;
    • Advertising services for the promotion of products in the fashion industry

Whether it is a start-up company, a newly established company or an expanding company, we offer consulting services that meet the needs of our customers. We can support you in setting up a business and help you develop a successful business.

We also provide our clients and potential customers with qualified consulting services. We can guide you through the steps in implementing a wide range of business objects.

Do you want to develop a business and do not know in which field or how? We can help you make the right choice.

Do you feel that your business / company is in a deadlock? Our specialists can offer you concrete solutions for problem solving and entrepreneurial development.

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