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  • For making a more efficient exploitation of our customers' resources there are taken into account absorption rate and degree of the market saturation for harnessing the most appropriate type of business.


  • To improve the efficiency in the economy of the distribution plan, a set of activities and concerns should focus on the following directions:


- The implementation of a distribution strategy for the segment of customers, portfolio of services / products and distribution channels;

- The outlining of procedural standards and assistance based on applied strategies, optimizing causal distribution processes;

- The increasing rate of adaptability to the new market requirements through a sustainable and effective organizational system;

- For the successful introduction of procedural vision assumed in the process of optimizing the distribution, compensation systems are also framed, complementary to the implementation of various measures for staff development.


  • The easing of estimating process of distribution is achieved by means of optimized controls in order to generate relevant results at each procedural level of this kind of activity.


  • In the context of changing market level, the maximizing of potential derived from the capital is essential. From this need arose our orientation towards market feedback and implicitly towards optimizing the distribution system. The sustainable growth of the company is related to the identification and achievement of performances in the area of gain and profit from distribution.


  • Being one of the important aspects that regularizes the consumption, the distribution requires special attention in the originating of strategies for market penetration at macro-economic level with features that create demand and ensure structural flow of products / services.


We help our customers see their consumers with their new eyes, see their competitors more clearly and objectively themselves.


We adapt our approach to fit the unique needs of our customers.

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