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  • By designing a branding strategy we mean assuming the identity of the product which will have as a result a mirror perspective at the level of a wide public perception. In order to diminish effectively the differences between the two faces of the product: the assumed one through identity and the other through observation, we achieve a relevant branding strategy with a core concept representative for the product's characteristics.


  • With the aid of the structure promotion strategy, our purpose is integrating organic product on the market depending on micro-environmental economic opportunities and social needs which are provided on the reference market.


  • The identity of the products is accomplished both sensuous, through logos, slogans, advertisement series and by assuming a status, an interest and directions of development that will remain consistent over time. The establishment of brand architecture is achieved gradually, by interpreting data obtained through marketing segmentation.


  • To develop promotional strategies and implement pricing policy we start from rigorous in-depth analysis of market in the three-way regulatory aspects of a new product or service: the degree of market integration of competition and positioning related to the target audience, individual characteristics and consumer characteristics of the relevant targeted group and the anticipating degree of absorption of the product on market according to specific indicators.


  • Depending on the results obtained from market research, we establish brand identity structure, taking into account the positioning factors required for the effective market penetration in the micro-economic context. Brand personality gradually turns into a tangible experience, by outlining the visual-graphical identity and the key concepts which will be operated with in the integration phase with the consumer from a psychologic point of view.


  • The transformation of a mark into a brand takes into account, among the others, the reputation of the product. A true branding campaign will not only have a well-positioned product in the context of the market but also a known output assumed by the consumer.


We help our customers see their consumers with their new eyes, see their competitors more clearly and objectively themselves.


We adapt our approach to fit the unique needs of our customers.

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