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  • Far from being a simple step of implementing the marketing mix, the design of a marketing strategy which penetrates the market in an efficient manner with measurable results requires deep / intimate understanding of the target group and its features, of sets of psychosocial associations and of competitors’ promotion strategies.

  • Once designed, promotion strategy takes form through all the key concepts delivered through associated targets as a result of specific tactics, the messages and distribution channels and ends with the impact assessment. In the designing of the promotional mix the chosen ways of communication, the degree of control over the process communication, the feedback rate, the assumed direction of the included messages in the campaign messages and any stray variables are taken into account.


  • The outlining of a sustainable promotional mix leads to the accomplishment of the campaign goals, irrespective of their mostly informational, attitudinal and behavioral nature.


  • The amount of strengthening operations and the promotion of the product or service is integrated into a coherent media strategy with campaign objectives and target audience characteristics. In the context of information flow and a high degree of outage of advertising messages, media strategies experienced consistent metamorphosis in the direction of a more specific addressing to the injury of aggressive promotion, to increase the rate of success of campaigns.


  • The main steps that we follow in developing a persistent and sustained promotion   are the segmentation target groups in relevant categories, targeting by specific demo/psychographic characteristics, the position towards the target audience and the message making along with the dissemination strategy.


We help our customers see their consumers with their new eyes, see their competitors more clearly and objectively themselves.


We adapt our approach to fit the unique needs of our customers.

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