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  • We analyze consumption behavior indicative TV, radio, printed media and online media. Our persistent experience helps us to monitor and measure the level of audit on any existing channel requested.


  • The access given by the media exposure does not always guarantee success at the level of conscious and assumed perception, recorded and capable to recall at any time on the product or service. In order to determine the extent point of informational penetration scale we use specific analysis not only the rate of passively tracking messages, but also the level of understanding and processing with clear information  results among the target audience.


  • The approximate number of viewers, listeners, readers or users of a media channel has no direct relevance of tracking punctual functional strategies for promoting products and services to our customers. Therefore in the systematization and contextualization of the obtained data are taken into consideration the purpose of obtaining demographic and psychographic information about the target audience. The methodology of interpreting the obtained data is used inclusive in the anticipation of consumer's behavior from the target of a company or organization. Depending on customer needs, we can interpret the data obtained through descriptive analysis, advanced statistical analysis techniques to provide relevant data rigorously selected.
  • The application of a consistent price policy with the present strategy offered by the brand architecture covers the requirement to produce differential advantages. In the analysis of the optimal solutions, the price strategy will be part of a more general undersigned marketing strategy correspondent to long and short term goals.


  • A price strategy that conducts significant variables will take into consideration the criteria that take an elaborate analysis of the market on medium and long term. The elasticity towards the price determines the ability of the repeated purchase fluctuation and the availability of consumer investment.


  • The position assumed by the company against the competitor will take eventually into account the consumers' behavior concerning the rate of integration of the product or the service, in the context of repeated consumption.


  • The adapting process to the specificity of the market should be achieved through detailed acquaintance with both the target audience of the product / service and the general trends of micro-economic environment. To optimize the results at Return on Investment level, the price strategy must be the transparent outcome of some demo psychographic data from preliminary research results.


  • Directly related to the overall vision about the market, the determination of the price policy will contextualize features at the same time that transform the brand into a tangible experience with a rigorous approach given by the preliminary scientific studies.


  • The most important four price strategies of consumer industry: premium, penetration, economy (price fixing depending on cost) and skimming (differential price strategies) will know the facets hybrid and complementary approaches, depending on the specific needs identified for each of our customers.
  • For making a more efficient exploitation of our customers' resources there are taken into account absorption rate and degree of the market saturation for harnessing the most appropriate type of business.


  • To improve the efficiency in the economy of the distribution plan, a set of activities and concerns should focus on the following directions:


- The implementation of a distribution strategy for the segment of customers, portfolio of services / products and distribution channels;

- The outlining of procedural standards and assistance based on applied strategies, optimizing causal distribution processes;

- The increasing rate of adaptability to the new market requirements through a sustainable and effective organizational system;

- For the successful introduction of procedural vision assumed in the process of optimizing the distribution, compensation systems are also framed, complementary to the implementation of various measures for staff development.


  • The easing of estimating process of distribution is achieved by means of optimized controls in order to generate relevant results at each procedural level of this kind of activity.


  • In the context of changing market level, the maximizing of potential derived from the capital is essential. From this need arose our orientation towards market feedback and implicitly towards optimizing the distribution system. The sustainable growth of the company is related to the identification and achievement of performances in the area of gain and profit from distribution.


  • Being one of the important aspects that regularizes the consumption, the distribution requires special attention in the originating of strategies for market penetration at macro-economic level with features that create demand and ensure structural flow of products / services.
  • By designing a branding strategy we mean assuming the identity of the product which will have as a result a mirror perspective at the level of a wide public perception. In order to diminish effectively the differences between the two faces of the product: the assumed one through identity and the other through observation, we achieve a relevant branding strategy with a core concept representative for the product's characteristics.


  • With the aid of the structure promotion strategy, our purpose is integrating organic product on the market depending on micro-environmental economic opportunities and social needs which are provided on the reference market.


  • The identity of the products is accomplished both sensuous, through logos, slogans, advertisement series and by assuming a status, an interest and directions of development that will remain consistent over time. The establishment of brand architecture is achieved gradually, by interpreting data obtained through marketing segmentation.


  • To develop promotional strategies and implement pricing policy we start from rigorous in-depth analysis of market in the three-way regulatory aspects of a new product or service: the degree of market integration of competition and positioning related to the target audience, individual characteristics and consumer characteristics of the relevant targeted group and the anticipating degree of absorption of the product on market according to specific indicators.


  • Depending on the results obtained from market research, we establish brand identity structure, taking into account the positioning factors required for the effective market penetration in the micro-economic context. Brand personality gradually turns into a tangible experience, by outlining the visual-graphical identity and the key concepts which will be operated with in the integration phase with the consumer from a psychologic point of view.


  • The transformation of a mark into a brand takes into account, among the others, the reputation of the product. A true branding campaign will not only have a well-positioned product in the context of the market but also a known output assumed by the consumer.
  • The source of profitability of mysterious customers lies in optimizing the services which we offer to consumers by relating the staff's behavior to a professional level and calibration of the performance towards the competition.


  • The development of business in this industry is unidirectional, rigorous and professional in order to ensure relevant results and develop solutions to potential degenerative problems. This strategy plays an analytical role of preventing potential imbalances of the internal environment within a company.


  • The mystery client approaches a form of concealed observation, but a direct contact with the human resources in the relevant context for the company. For the accomplishment and operationalization of performance studies we combine the access from inside to the chosen environment with an analytical objective perspective in playback results.


  • This type of service helps in identifying the strengths, but also the internal problems related to functionality, personal or the perceived image. The mysterious customer's adapted strategy involves the responsibility of correct assessment in identifying the real problems in designing various strategies in order to increase performance.


  • The services testing ensure the assumption of the perspective of the company perceived by the management team and is a strong prerequisite in developing strategies to increase the functionality of customer relationships and improve the employee performance for a long-term.


  • The integrity of human resources services is essential in generating the profits of a company and the results provided by this service are best exploited through a constructive perspective regarding the employee performance.
  • Far from being a simple step of implementing the marketing mix, the design of a marketing strategy which penetrates the market in an efficient manner with measurable results requires deep / intimate understanding of the target group and its features, of sets of psychosocial associations and of competitors’ promotion strategies.

  • Once designed, promotion strategy takes form through all the key concepts delivered through associated targets as a result of specific tactics, the messages and distribution channels and ends with the impact assessment. In the designing of the promotional mix the chosen ways of communication, the degree of control over the process communication, the feedback rate, the assumed direction of the included messages in the campaign messages and any stray variables are taken into account.


  • The outlining of a sustainable promotional mix leads to the accomplishment of the campaign goals, irrespective of their mostly informational, attitudinal and behavioral nature.


  • The amount of strengthening operations and the promotion of the product or service is integrated into a coherent media strategy with campaign objectives and target audience characteristics. In the context of information flow and a high degree of outage of advertising messages, media strategies experienced consistent metamorphosis in the direction of a more specific addressing to the injury of aggressive promotion, to increase the rate of success of campaigns.


  • The main steps that we follow in developing a persistent and sustained promotion   are the segmentation target groups in relevant categories, targeting by specific demo/psychographic characteristics, the position towards the target audience and the message making along with the dissemination strategy.

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