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Eastern Marketing Insights team is confident about that the systemic maturation of used professional approaches also brings a paradigm shift and lifelong learning will become a sine qua non in the future for any professional environment.

Our lifelong learning services bring visible, measurable and positive changes in organizations through staff development goals following aims at the organization, department and team level.

Our rich offer of lifelong learning programs starts from the understanding of the importance of identifying, harnessing and exploitation of specific differences. In order to encourage differential benefits of our customers, we have built flexible and personalized methods for different kinds of specific needs of service users.

The client portfolio recommends us for the following training programs:
• Introduction to ICT, Computer usage for planning and calculation of indicators;
• Accessing grants;
• Preparing documentation for financing;
• Communication and negotiation techniques;
• Sales techniques;
• Preparation of the business plan;
• Efficient methods and techniques of management and marketing;
• Entrepreneurship;
• Social Entrepreneurship;
• Training advisers and civil servants.

The maturity of an organization's internal environment is based on quantifying employee performance regarding the skills developed in time. Courses and training sessions are the most effective tools for developing specific skills and have the effect of increasing staff efficiency for a long-term.

The systematization of the working environment by graduation the needs of organizations through acquired skills of the staff is one of the key factors for the progress of organizational and individual performance.

Staff training improves the rate of internalization of social roles assumed and develops lifelong learning by pleasing the self-development need experienced on the level of a dynamic organization oriented for development. The employer will experience continuous accumulation of knowledge focused on the organization problems and its personnel by increasing the profitability of the company.

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Ne adaptăm abordarea pentru a se potrivi cât mai bine cu nevoile unice ale clienţilor noştri.

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