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  • Product development is the creation of the concept, design and marketing idea behind a product. As a way of concentrating the effort on customer gratification, product design can mean either the marketing of a new product or the improvement of an existing one. Invariably, it will be the answer to the consumer's unasked question, the solution for a need or the answer to an aspiration.


  • In the context of diversification of increasingly common needs that belong to different types of consumers, product development becomes a necessity for maintaining a dynamic market.


  • The allocation of resources for a consistent product development is a continuous and systematic concern for companies looking to maintain their position towards the competition in terms of demand changes. To ensure profitability in developing a strategy you should follow, fundamentally, a high degree of commitment and professionalism in delivering products and services that meet the needs and characteristics as much as possible to guarantee differential advantages consistent with categories of consumers to whom you address.


  • Brand consolidation through constant adaptation to demand brings the amplification of the power of action of the product. Far from being just a direct result of creativity, the product development process requires exactness and commitment to the identity of the company. Discontinuous innovation, meaning the lack of a clear direction of evolution will, in time, cause the division of the amplitude of the brand along with which it will produce a disruption of the apprehended message.


  • Providing a systematic approach is performed regarding the anatomical procedural structure of generating sustainable solutions, insights derived from understanding the relevant differences between production and product development. The planning, execution and evaluation must be the unequivocally causal result of a contextualized type identified by the need in order to generate viable solutions compatible with market needs.


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